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The Pink List

Meet Our Committee

Bree Bettis


Bree Bettis is the Founder of The Pink List from Detroit, MI.  After seeing her grandmother survive breast cancer, Bree Bettis decided to become an advocate for the breast cancer community. Shortly after graduating from Michigan State University, Bree founded The Pink List in September 2018.  Bree hopes to expand the organization's reach to a national level and create long-term partnerships with businesses and organizations that align with their mission. 

Jennifer Onwenu

Jennifer Onwenu is a Licensed Social Worker from Detroit, MI. This 2-time MSU alumnus has dedicated her career to serving others through resource advocacy and community education. As a professional who works in aging, Jennifer is aware of the critical role health awareness and education play across the life span. Jennifer works to empower youth through personal mentorship, philanthropy, and volunteerism, Jennifer is looking to expand her knowledge and resources to help those involved with The Pink List.

Ariel Ragin

Ariel Ragin is a Detroit native and current Gates Millennium Scholar, who is currently pursuing a Master of Public Health at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. As an upcoming 2-time University of Michigan alumnus, Ariel has developed a strong passion for creating opportunities for youth to excel academically and developmentally through community outreach and mentoring.

Ariel is no stranger to The Pink List, as the organization was instrumental in providing her the support she needed after losing her mother to breast cancer in March 2019. She joins our committee with hopes of spreading awareness and the impact of breast cancer with local communities.